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This project is part of GenD vol.2 which is a mentorship programme by Dolce & Gabbana casa and curated by Federica Sala,  the brogect is been made in collaboration with the metal foundry Fonderia Artistica Battaglia and glass furnace Fornace Mian.

Each production process generates by-products, some of which can be reintegrated in a new production cycle, while others are discarded as unusable. Either way, they produce an environmental impact.

For this reason, I decided to use the sprus from Fonderia Battaglia, which are usually sent to a specific facility to be melted, purified and then used again to create artworks, as a construction material to create the shape of the objects, this resulted in a primitive process where the different pieces of different size were welded together tending to achieve the shape of an archetypical chandelier.

Inspired by the Marzamemi collection from Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda, I decided to complete the object including fragments of cotisso from Murano. Cotisso is a form of solid glass formed by breaking the end of the melting pot after a session of blows. Often these pieces are kept and used for new production, however, if the colour gets contaminated the glass is thrown away and discarded because unusable. After a process of tempering, I used these pieces to decorate each arm of the chandelier, the central light bulb also features pieces of the same cotisso glass.

The project aims to question our notion of aesthetics and value. In an era of environmental crisis, do we need to break down our waste material to create new look-alike products? Or is this something that is been codified throughout history and marketing creating a sort of induced need?

Riccardo Cenedella ©2023
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