Prait by Marine Renaudineau

I'm Riccardo Cenedella, Italian furniture maker and sustainable material consultant graduated in MA Material Futures at Central Saint Martins. I am dedicated to creating bespoke, handcrafted objects inspired by material experimentation and the excess of waste.

My practice is led by a hands-on approach focused on researching the possibilities to transform waste into functional objects and driven by the curiosity to give value to undesirable materials. Process and narrative come first and form and aesthetic are the results of them, tapping into both high-end and low-tech methods. My work can be seen as a way to create awareness about overconsumption and waste production.

I work both with private and public clients, my work is been exhibited t the London Design Festival, Milan Design Week, Affordable Art Fair London and Dutch Design Week. My work has been documented in different design publications including Elle Decor Italia, Artribune, Residence NL, Design Wanted, and Design Indaba. My work is represented by Galerie Philia, SWING Desing Gallery, Adorno Design and GOOD SESSION.


2021: Material Futures, Material Fund - winner

2021: The Art Foundaion Fellowship Award, Material Innovation - finalist

Selected exhibitions:

2023: 14 July - 9 October - New Prospectives in Glass, SWING Design Gallery - Benevento, IT

2023: 4 April - 10 September - ITALY: A New Collective Landscape, ADI Design Museum - Milano, IT

2023: 8 - 12 March - Collectible - Bruxelles,BE

2022: 7 - 9 October - EDIT Napoli - Napoli, IT

2022: 7 - 12 June - No Space for Waste, Isola design District - Milan Design Week, Milano,IT

2022: 5 - 8 May - Affordable ArtFair - London, UK

2021: 16 - 24 October - Project for a better tomorrow, United Matters - Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven,NL

2021: 25 - 26 September - Green Grads - London Design Fair, London, UK

2021: 25 October - 10 January - TM Lighting gallery - London, UK

2021: 26 June- 4 July - MA Material Futures Graduate showcase - London, UK

Riccardo Cenedella ©2023
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