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Observe, scavenge, reflect, improvise, make, adapt.

From the 1st to the 21st of March 2024 I spent some days in residency at Domain the Boisbuchet in Lessac (FR) as part of the Nouvelle Grand Tour sponsored by the Institut Culturel Italien de Paris.

During this time I experimented with waste and local materials and processes that I had never experimented with before.


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The result is a collection of 6 vases and a stool made with different materials and techniques that gave me a plethora of new ideas and inspiration to further develop.

At the same time, the residency, gave me the time to reflect upon my practice questioning themes such as functionality, necessity and value. As a result of this analysis, I came to the conclusion that sustainability, even if reduces the amount of energy embodied in it, has to do with the production of objects. So to be a responsible designer, design can't be understood just as an object of study but also as an object of cultural value.

Riccardo Cenedella ©2023
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