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How are our natural resources doing? How can we go back to taking care of it? Nel Bosco is an interactive exhibition created to tell and disseminate the results and actions of the European GreenChainSAW4Life project, focused on the analysis of the current state and the planning of climate smart management of the natural resources of the Po, Bronda and Infernotto valleys. Through images, physical and interactive installations, unpublished documents, books and events, the exhibition aims to be not so much an exhibition, but rather a visitable and open environment, which can give everyone the space to learn more about the resources local and non-local natural resources.

The exhibition space is been designed and created with Nicolas Sabena using euro pallet from the local company Corno Pallet, which are also one of the output related to the wood and forest industry. Pallets are used as a module and stacked and placed side by side to create plinths, walls and separation of the different areas of the exhibition.
At the end of the period of the exhibion, the pallets were given back to the company which can use them again

Riccardo Cenedella ©2023
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