Porta Palazzo market with its 51 300 m² is the largest market in Europe offering all kinds of goods from food to clothes and home utensils giving jobs and the possibility to sustain themselves to thousands of people. At around 2 pm, however, when the stalls start to pack down a huge amount of leftovers are left there, whit no differentiation in materials which makes it impossible to recycle them. Living and working close to this market I feel a sort of appurtenance to it and its debirds started to inspire and stimulate me.

For this project, I decided to focus on cardboard and paper waste. Cardboard is soaked in water and mixed with gypsum and PVA glue creating a malleable material, this material is hand dyed and applied to a structure made with wood and metal mesh. Once the material is dry the artwork is sanded and finished with wax, the outcome is a sculptural piece characterised by a stone-like texture.

Riccardo Cenedella ©2023
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