/Household Waste /Electric Wire

voice by: Jane Hancock

Riccardo Cenedella | The Urban Waste Project

We live in a throw-away society, the average London household produces nearly one tonne of waste per year. Walking in our neighbourhood we can notice a large amount of differents kind of waste, from cardboard to domestic appliances and piece of furniture.

However, these objects still contain good and usable components. By gathering urban waste among the neighbourhood of Shadwell and hand-working on them, I created new usable objects that can not be traceable of the waste they come from.

More than just a hands-on experience, these objects are meant to show the hidden possibilities of abandoned waste and to stimulate to more conscious consume.

As a return in term of knowledge and inspiration, the project has been dislayed at the Idea Store Watney Market from 9 to 14th of March, to celebrate the Green Week.