/Plastic Waste

In one year a person throws away on average 30kg of plastic, it means at least 8 million tons of plastic made in the entire planet. We are overwhelmed by messages about the problem of plastic pollution, but no one sees plastic as beauty and sculptural material, we have now forgotten its versatility and its potential.
From the dawn of time, Humans are used to leaving knowledge and progress to the new generation, but our heritage is made by trash and pollution, we are now living in the Plasticene and our legacy will be made out of plastic.
So through this project, we explore the question, what if we launch our life in a thousand years into the future and imagine to be archaeologists of the future; what will be our finds?
In this project, we work with plastic as a creative material, by taking a hands-on approach, we built a raw hoven press to make sheets of plastic, we use different colour of plastic in order to create a non-reproducible pattern which gives to the object a quality recognizable in the craftsmanship that makes it a more appreciable object. The result is a vase which represents the archetype of the archaeological findings of past cultures. The project is meant to sensitize the observer and make him think about what we are leaving in our planet and to help us to appreciate the qualities which make plastic so precious.

Plasticene vase was on show at Rethinking plastic, exhibition from 8 to 22 of June 2019. Organized by Yksi Eindhoven, Serious businnes and Duch Design Foundation.

Project made by Riccardo Cenedella and Danny Ferrari

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